Sinking birth rates, longer life expectancy and decreasing mortality rates are factors that have brought about significant demographic change – in Germany and many other European countries, but also around the world.

As the population grows older, the demand for housing that is able to respond to the needs of old age will increase steadily. At present, however, society has shown little inclination to take steps towards improving the situation in their own living environments and proactively implementing home improvement measures.

One possible explanation is the negative stigmatisation of old age in modern society. In many modern societies, cultural production strongly emphasises youthful vitality, and growing old therefore has mostly negative connotations.

If we are to adequately meet the needs of an increasingly older society before it is too late, we need to bring about a change in its image. The intention is to foster a forward-looking and needs-oriented consciousness in society – to motivate people to think again and make provisions for later life, today rather than tomorrow.